What is ASP.NET?

Article written for KickinASP.NET by Michal Ferber

ASP.NET is Microsoft’s latest development of Active Server Pages (ASP). ASP.NET is also a key component to Microsoft’s .NET Framework. It brings many great things to the table like, Performance, Flexibility, Simplicity, Manageability, Scalability, Security, Tools and many, many more.

This will be one of the technologies that empowers the next generation of the Internet. This technology is one of the greatest technologies out there competing against Java, Perl and other major languages. One of the great things about ASP.NET is if you know Visual Basic or VB Script then you already know a lot about ASP. But the cool thing about ASP.NET is that I don’t have to use VB to program it, I can program in VB, C# and Jscript. Plus other languages are being incorporated into ASP.NET like Cobol, Perl and more.

But the best part about all that is I can also have all these different languages working together on the same ASP.NET web form (web page). As far as what you need to develop this great thing called ASP.NET, you only need a browser, notepad and someplace to house you web pages. There’s also this great tool called Microsoft Visual Studio.NET that you can use to build your .NET solutions and also gain many things like drag and drop, intellisense for code completion, color-coding and more. If you ever used Dreamweaver, FrontPage or Interdev, Visual Studio.NET is a little like those but is really far more advanced and much simpler to use.

But the back to the basics of what is ASP.NET. It’s a technology that allows you to use many different languages to create dynamic web pages to be displayed in a web browser. This sites primary focus is on using VB.NET to program ASP.NET but do keep in mind that that is not a limitation of ASP.NET.