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As a homeschooled kid in small-town South Carolina, I was extremely interested in computers. Once I realized I had an affinity for technology, I never looked back. After graduating a couple years early from high school, I began my career on graduation day with an internship at a local system integrator shop. I went on to delve into programming, network infrastructure, telephony, and more. Over my career in IT spanning more than 25 years, I’ve collected many certificates [Microsoft, Citrix, Ascom, Genesys, Milestone VMS, C-Cure 9000, etc…], and I even earned my Microsoft MCSE NT 4.0 in the early years. Here recently, I’m currently investing lots of time in Azure, Teams and Security.

  • Age43
  • ResidenceUSA
  • AddressFlorence, SC
  • e-mailmichalaferber@gmail.com
  • Phone(843) 800-1421

What I Do

Systems Engineer

I have been a system engineer throughout my entire career. Very proficient in Windows and intermediate in Linux. Most of my cloud experience is in Azure but have done some work in AWS. I have a vast amount of experience working with SQL Server, IIS, VMWare, Citrix, and Cluster server systems.

VoIP Engineer

In 2001 I built a telephony-based software program in VB6 using dialogic cards. I installed and managed by first Windows-based PBX (Interactive Intelligence, Customer Interaction Center) in 2002 for a hospital call center. Starting in 2007 I became a telecommunications manager on an Avaya system for a regional hospital system. Learned TDM and began transitioning the hospital from digital sets to H.323 sets. Implemented a 300 wireless VoIP SIP system using Ascom phones and an Avaya SIP server. Worked with Rauland Responder 5 nurse call to integrate their Brekeke SIP server to the Avaya SIP server over SIP trunking. Implemented and managed many PRI’s and transitioned to SIP trunking for local and long-distance service. Also managed the hospitals WAN.

Software Developer

Started programming in basic at 12. From there I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Classic ASP and Visual Basic. Once .NET was introduced in 2001, I transitioned to VB.Net and then started learning C#. C# has been my preferred programming language since 2005.I like building Windows apps and can perform the full stack, from UI, business layer, data layer and database design. I have done mobile development on Windows CE and Windows Mobile and have a good understanding of Windows 10 IoT. I also have experience with data extraction and manipulation, telephony programming, HL7 interfaces and vector call systems.

Web Developer

Founded and managed a web hosting company in 1998 where I did web development, co-located servers, website management and email hosting. I have created 100’s of websites over the years.

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Cloud Engineering
Full Stack Developer

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