This is a message for all of us as we all have a call on our life that God has placed on us. But this is also a message to all leadership. Often the call on someone’s life doesn’t look right. Doesn’t look like what we want. God’s ways are not our ways.

Another glaring problem in the church is placing someone into a “called” position for which they are not prepared or called to. It is leadership’s responsibility to follow the Holy Spirit and mentor and bring along everyone. Sometimes I think we (Christians) try to be the Holy Spirit and do our own selections and cover them as discernment from the Holy Spirit.

What leadership doesn’t recognize often is that if they bring along, push, and mentor others. Even when they don’t think it’s right. When leadership does this. God separates the wheat from the tears. God handles the pruning. Leadership doesn’t have to do that. They are not gardeners. Leadership’s role is to lead all. It is leadership’s job to recognize the call on others. Often times leadership recognizes the call before the person the call is on has recognized it. Leadership is more than the pastor or bishop. It’s the Sunday school teachers and children’s church workers. Anyone who serves becomes a leader. A leader is anyone that serves. In fact, a leader that doesn’t have a servant’s heart is not a leader. Cannot be a leader. Can’t be a leader because they don’t have the main ingredient.