Another Great Phone

So I’ve got hooked on Skype. Not so I can talk to people all over the world but instead to talk to be around the corner really cheap. For about $68 a year you can have a phone number and unlimited calling in the world. The downside is that you have to install the Skype client on your PC and use a headset to do the magic. I like computers and all but not as a telephone. I much rather pick up the phone and make my call. So the search began for a Skype enabled phone. There are lots. But they all still connect to your computer via USB. That’s better but I wanted more. I wanted a phone that I could use with Skype but not be dependent on a computer. Alas the search was over. The only Skype enabled phone that doesn’t require a computer and plugs directly into your router/switch is the Linksys CIT400. And the funny thing is that it too is called an iPhone. The poor guy in marketing at Apple didn’t do his research when looking for a name for their phone. It seems that Cisco has owned the name for a long while. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Either way I’m off to get my Linksys iPhone! 🙂