Visual Studio 2003 Build Error

At the office we have a C# Smart Device Application in Visual Studio (VS) .NET 2003 targeting an Intermec Pocket PC device. This application is in source control and has been working for over a year. Now, when I attempt to debug or build the application, I get the following error:
There were build errors. Continue?

Show Friendly Http Errors

We had an issue here at the office today were some browsers were using our custom error message in IIS and some not. I remembered ScottW’s post where he referred to a ScottGu post talking about the “Show Friendly Http Errors” option in the IE6/IE7 tools | internet options.
The issue is that if your IIS

Visual Studio 2005 Install Issue

I started installing Visual Studio 2005 the other day and kept getting this error.
“The SQL Server System Configuration Checker cannot be executed due to WMI configuration on the machine FERBER Error:2147500034 (0×80004002).”
I searched hi and low and found nothing of any value. So I called in the experts (Microsoft Support).
It turns out that something was screwy