Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 – FREE!

Microsoft has stepped up to the plate and not only are giving this great new product away for free. They’ve also made parts of it open source to shut up all those penguins out there.

Now you can get a relational database (SQL Server Express), .NET development environment (Visual Studio Express Editions) and web browser (Internet Explorer 7) for free. Now if I could get an operating system and office suite from the MS boys for free I would be tickled pink.

PDANUG BizTalk Server 2006 Meeting

Well, I guess it’s official now. I saw the post yesterday on the PDANUGwebsite about the August 8th BizTalk talk I will be giving. I was hoping that since yesterday was April 1st that this was one of those hilarious April fools jokes. But after checking with one of the group organizers and seeing that it’s still posted today I guess I better get to work.

Hey, I hope to see you there, it should be interesting.