Windows Vista – Rant

I installed the December CTP of Vista on my laptop 2 weekends ago and here are my rants to date.

  1. Microsoft has worked hard and long since the introduction of Windows 95 on getting ISV’s and the general public used to something called My Documents. That is over 10 years of forming a habit. By the time Windows 2000 rolled out 5 years ago people were just then getting used to the idea. Now with Vista around the corner Microsoft has decided that that was a bad idea. Now they have a users folder which has a My Documents folder in that. No biggie; but the other folders that used to be inside the My Documents folder are now at the same level as My Documents. What does Microsoft care about where the My Documents folder is? Why change it. Now it’s going to take another 10 years to get ISV’s and the general public used to the new Vista way of things.
  2. Microsoft has spent real dollars trying to get us excited about this new thing called the Task Switcher. All this stupid thing does is look ugly and take a lot of video bandwidth to show you a screen in a kind of 3D fashion. Alt-Tab works so much better and they even improved that. Why even waste their time and money on something so stupid.
  3. The file system. Microsoft has tried to convince us that we don’t know where are files are. So to help us out the created a new filing system for us. Now I can’t find a blessed thing. I can’t say much more on this cause this is the #1 thing that made me put XP back on my laptop.
  4. Firefox won’t install, I think that is by design. I guess we’ll find out when Vista is released.

Just to let everyone know. I am not a MS basher. I love MS and believe they have done a lot of things really well for the computer industry. I just use this blog to voice my opinion about what’s going on.

Live Mail Ads

I’ve been beta testing the new version of Hotmail at For a few months now they have had generic ads where the real ones will go one day. No biggie, this is beta software after all, not yet a finished product. However; the other day they started showing real ads. Ok, I now they have to pay the bills and everything but I think they are missing their target audience. All day I saw ads for Juicy Juice and the JCPenny women’s collection. I am a 27 year old male computer nerd that is so much of one that I am beta testing software for fun. 

Nice to know Microsoft has a sense of humor and gave me a laugh.  🙂