I have been working on a project at work were I need to store a bunch of settings in an XML and then display them back to the user in various ways. I ran across this article and have lived with it for the past week so I thought I would post it. It has a great example on Datasets and XML.

Life without coffee

I started a new job back in August last year and like with all new jobs there were changes and adjustments. The change of job went really well but what I wasn’t expecting was coffee! You see; I was raised that if you drink coffee it will stunt your growth. I know that’s an old wives tale but I am 6′4″ so it was believable. I have drunk coffee before and even like it, especially some good Krispy Kreme coffee. But this morning as I was drinking my coffee and not really knowing what was going on cause I felt like I was still half asleep. I realized after finishing my 2nd cup that I was suddenly wide awake and am now programming at the speed of light. So I must pause for a moment at thank that Stupid Programmer for getting me dependent on this stuff just like everyone else.

After all it’s free.

WordPress 2.0

As soon as WordPress 2.0 was released I just had to play around with it. My blog was proudly being hosted for FREE at WordPress.com but they had not made the move to 2.0 yet. I really liked WordPress.com but I really wanted more control of my blog. I am what some might say a hardcore Microsoft guy and it was bad enough that my blog was written in PHP. Some may say that I have crossed over to the dark side, but whatever they may say I have installed MySQL and PHP on my Windows 2003 server and I am proud of it. It took me awhile to get everything going. Mainly cause nothing is documented well on the open side of things and different versions of PHP come with certain stuff that makes certain versions of MySQL work together and then you have to make sure that WordPress is compatible with those versions.  uggghhhhh! I was about to throw in the towel and then ran across this lifesaving article. It tells you how to become a WIMP. So what did I do, I swallowed my pride and became a WIMP.

Moving the site to my own server allowed me to implement a new theme, add a Bible Verse of the day plugin and upgrading to WordPress 2.0. Isn’t life great!!!