New Skin & Updates

Today I downloaded a new skin for Community Server from the .NET Monster called BlackSun. He has some other skins to but I liked this one the best. In my very humble and unbiased opinion I do believe that this skin is the coolest I have used by far. I also spent a little time and did some much needed updating of the links and blog roll and tried to add some organization to it. Maybe that will make my life a little easier [I doubt it :-(].

A Great Microsoft Product Coming Soon

I have been beta testing Windows AntiSpyware on my home computer since the day after it came out in January 2005. This is a great product and has done it’s job very well. But the reason I am writing this post is to tell about another new product that is coming soon.Since May 2005 I have also been beta testing Windows OneCare Live. I do believe that unless the subscription for this product is outrageous I will be getting it. This product includes Antivirus, two-way firewall, antispyware, backup and even ties into the Microsoft Windows Update site to keep your computer up to date. It maintains itself and requires very little user interaction. It has cool little lights on the task bar that tells you if there is something you need to check out or reminds you of the need to do a backup. Very cool product and the beta is pretty solid. Can’t wait for gold.

SQL Server Datetime Trivia

Q. How does Microsoft SQL Server store the datetime data type?

A. SQL Server uses 8 bytes to store the datetime data type. The first 4 bytes make up an integer value that represents the number of days since January 1, 1900. The second 4 bytes are an integer value that represents the number of milliseconds since midnight.

I thought this was neat since I really didn’t know and thought it was pretty cool way of storing and saving space.